GFI VIPRE Business Antivirus, 10-24 Endpoints, 1 Year of Updates (VB-10-24/1)

GFI VIPRE Business Antivirus, 10-24 Endpoints, 1 Year of Updates

High performance, Business Antivirus and Endpoint Security.

GFI VIPRE Business offers a different approach to malware protection.

Today, traditional viruses make up only about four percent of the total current malware universe - and are relatively easy to detect and remove. Protecting against the new wave of malware that has emerged over the last five years requires a fundamental shift in how technology is engineered to stay one step ahead of organized cyber criminals. Given the need for increased threat protection, many vendors have responded by retooling their existing antivirus products and adding new layers of antivirus capabilities, rather than building better, more efficient core code. The resulting solutions tend to be bloatware that dramatically impact system performance.

GFI’s approach is different. We’ve translated our years of experience in researching, detecting, and remediating sophisticated malware into the next-generation endpoint protection technology, VIPRE -- without building on older generation antivirus engines or other sourced technology components. VIPRE Antivirus Business is fast, efficient technology in a single, powerful threat engine with low impact on system resources.

Why Choose VIPRE Antivirus Business?

  • High-performance technology that won't slow down your users' PCs
  • An easy-to-use management console that gets you up and running fast
  • Low RAM usage and more efficient scanning intelligence than older tools
  • Clean, fast, and powerful: Designed 'by admins for admins'
  • Next-generation malware detection technologies protect against zero-day threats


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